Tim provides the opportunity for consultations to groups all across the country. These sessions can occur in person or through video/online meetings. Of course, as there are many different types of marching bands, there are also varying levels of needs when it comes to critique. Some units request an overall assessment of their production, and some need help in specific areas. There is no limit placed on the amount of consultations, since today's technology makes it so simple to provide this service at a moments notice. Consultations are a very affordable way to get another opinion, and craft a solution to any issue.


  • Video Conferencing

  • Video consultations

  • In person live consulting (travel reimbursement required)

  • Show planning, show enhancements, execution consulting.


The possibilities are endless. Contact Tim to talk about what you might need for your program!





Tim can clinic your group in many different ways. Whether that be a two hour rehearsal, two day Clinic, or an entire week. Clinics are a great way to get a new face out there to inspire and critique your students. Contracts for Clinics are limited due to schedule constraints, so contact Tim early!